The 2023 Women’s Health Fitness Awards Winners Are Here

he girls getting active in the photo above? Meet Jacq and Jennifer. We’re Team Fitness at WH. And we’re here to take you *deep* behind the scenes of our annual Fitness Awards, which is jam-packed with winners that represent the building blocks of our very own routines.

Making selections takes our entire family of editors, designers, and trusted trainers. We all have our own sweat preferences, live in different climates, have kids or maybe not, represent different body types, and are from unique backgrounds. Movement means something different to each of us—but we agree that sweat changes everything.

Lastly, we believe a holistic fitness routine goes beyond the gym time. Performing at your peak begins with the right apparel (a pair of NOBULL shoes helped our deputy art director, Christine, hit her deadlift PR). It requires fueling up, like our commerce editor Neha does with the vegan Tejari protein she swears by for her smoothies. It means having equipment that works as hard as you, like the Thule stroller that allows Jennifer to jog the neighborhood with her 15-month-old, Wylder. It involves measuring progress with tech that makes life trackable. It means recovering fully.

Fortify your fitness 360 degrees with these 100+ game changers. We’re right there sweating with you.

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